React Native by Facebook and Flutter by Google, two hot cross platform application development technologies.
Today We are going to discuss and compare both of them in detail, as per the development’s perspective.

Mobile apps popularity is growing day by day, almost everyone is looking for a mobile app to promote themselves and their business. Now, the available output devices for the application is not only android as well as iOS etc.  Google has provided Android Studio and Apple has provided XCode for native development of mobile applications. iOS developers uses Swift/C# for iOS application development while Android developers uses Java/Kotlin for android development. That’s why it is important for a developer to learn two different technologies for development. Now, to overcome this problem, cross platform is the solution that provides development for each platform and requires code only one time.

Flutter V/S React Native

What’s Flutter and React Native

React Native is a task introduced by Facebook open-sourced in 2015, and the Flutter, a project started by Google introduced I/O 2017. These technologies help developers to built cross-platform apps faster using a single programming language. Both of them are different by following properties:

  • Programming language
  • Technical architecture
  • Installation
  • Setup and project configuration
  • UI components and development API
  • Developer productivity
  • Community support
  • Testing support
  • Build & release automation support
  • DevOps and CI/CD support

Programming Language

React Native — JavaScript

React Native uses JavaScript for cross-platform application development. JavaScript is a very popular web language in the web community. It is used with React and other JavaScript frameworks. React Native design web application and that’s why, web developers can build mobile application after a little bit of training. JavaScript is a dynamic language and anything including animation and objects creation can be done with JavaScript, which is good and somehow bad at the same time.

Flutter — Dart

Flutter uses Dart programming language introduced by Google in 2011, rarely used by developers. Java and Javascript developers can easily understand the Dart syntax, as it supports most of the object-oriented concepts. It’s easy to get started with Dart as there is easy-to-follow documentation available on the official Dart site here.


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